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Houseguard Pty Ltd

  • 15 Cecily St, 4503, QLD
  • (07) 3886 4531 | 0422 012 496

Houseguard - a qualified, licensed and insured pest control company, specialising in termite detection, barriers, eradication and inspection throughout Brisbane Northside.

Pest Control Brisbane Northside - Termite Detection - Termite Barriers - Termite Eradication - Termite Inspection - Pre-purchase Inspection

pest control Brisbane Northside

Are you having trouble with different types of pest?

Houseguard Pty Ltd, a qualified, licensed and fully-insured pest control company is definitely what you need! We specialise in pest management all over Brisbane Northside. With years of experience within the pest management industry, we are adept at providing a thorough solution to any pest infestation problems. We usually conduct a meticulous inspection and provide comprehensive general pest treatment services afterwards. We cover numerous types of pest, such as spiders, wasps, cockroaches, termites, rats, mice, fleas, ants and silverfish.
To successfully stop all pests from invading your home, we are using chemicals that are registered for the appropriate job, which will not cause any harm to your family and pets. We implement a thorough termite inspection using a "Flir" thermal imaging camera, as well as "Borescope" if necessary. Our licensed pest specialist only utilises the latest and top quality equipment to ensure effective termite detection. At Houseguard, we handle termite inspection to the highest standard without time limit. After the inspection procedure, we perform a quality termite barrier treatment with Termidor Dust, which is done to the highest possible standard as well. Normally, we do soil replacement in trenched areas. Rest assured that when you choose us, you will be triumphant in your battle for termite eradication.
Houseguard also provides timber pest pre-purchase inspection throughout Brisbane Northside. This is carried out to ensure that you will get the right value of the property that you are planning to buy. We will then provide a c

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  • 15 Cecily St, 4503, QLD
  • (07) 3886 4531 | 0422 012 496