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Do you want to enjoy your outdoor view without worrying about your privacy?
Do you need protection from the intense heat of the sun? 
Are you looking for stylish, but practical privacy solutions for your home or office windows?
Instant Glass Frosting is your best choice for window tinting services in the East Melbourne region. We offer a variety of window treatments including glass frosting, glass tinting (you can choose from plain frosting, patterned frosting or custom designed frosting), frosted safety strips, safety glass and security glass film for residential, commercial and corporate clients. 
Instant Glass Frosting has been providing window tinting services since 1989, converting ordinary glass windows and walls into elegant and stylish addition to your home or office design. Window tinting is also the solution to privacy issues, both at home and in the office. No need to worry about other people looking in or nosy neighbours watching your every move. Aside from providing privacy, window tinting also helps you save energy cost by maintaining air temperature inside the home or office. 
Need custom designed window tinting for your company in East Melbourne? Instant Glass Frosting can create logos or any kind of graphics or themes that suit your requirements. Contact us today for a free quote!

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