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WARDROBE CHOICE - sunshine coast

We install Built-in Wardrobes plus Timber Modular Shelves and Ventilated Wire Shelves From Hervey Bay to Brisbane

Not all wardrobe companies are the same, We promise your wardrobes will look exactly like our displays in regards to Quality and workmanship.

You know when you need quality wardrobes that look and is as good as the display models, completed on time and on budget, using expert tradesman, and don’t know who to trust. Well what we do is put our expert knowledge and experience to work for you to provide a premium quality, Australian made wardrobe – guaranteed. And we’ll even make sure everything’s left clean and tidy!

A quality wardrobe and shelving system can provide a valuable addition to your home – adding well designed storage space to help alleviate clutter (as well as improving the value of your home). You’ll be able to spend much more time relaxing, rather than rummaging through piles of stuff trying to find a particular item.

Not all wardrobes, and wardrobe companies, are the same. When you trust “Wardrobe Choice” to plan, design and build your wardrobe, you’ll be covered by our unique, written “G-24”, to GUARANTEE you’ll be a fully satisfied customer.

The sooner you visit one of Displays, showcasing our a range of wardrobes, the sooner you’ll be relaxing at home, knowing you’re home is one step closer to being clutter free.

Why Should You Choose Wardrobe Choice?

You Get More BANG FOR YOUR BUCK... "Not Just Shelving but PROBLEM SOLVING DESIGNS!! Also We'll give You One of Hundreds of Practical Bonus Giveaways to eligible clients with every shelving installation purchased..." THE WOW FACTOR!!! Wardrobe Choice will leave You with spectacular designs if You so desire and make it stand out from the rest. We guarantee to use only high-quality materials in our shelving and wardrobe installations. We will show you the materials we use, and the physical finished products that we installed, before you make any decision. We guarantee to provide only qualified tradespeople who are skillful and efficient in wardrobe and shelving installation. We carefully assess the skills and attitude of every single tradesperson before we employ them. We guarantee to provide only qualified designers who are experienced and understand home owners’ shelving needs. Our designers are superb at creating Wardrobe & Shelving designs that are not only stylish, but also make efficient use of space for storage as well as solve storage problems. We understand Home owners want reliable wardrobe companies who give them what they asked for! We guarantee to create a shelving design that meets your specific needs. If we fail to create such a shelving design, we’ll pay you $50 as our way of saying sorry for not being able to satisfy your shelving needs. We guarantee to arrive on time within reasonable parameters. If we’re late, we’ll pay you $50.00 on the spot. We guarantee to finish the shelving and wardrobe installations BEFORE the handover deadline of the house. If we don’t finish by the deadline because of substandard product and service, we’ll refund every dollar you paid for the job. With Our Wardrobe in display homes all over The Sunshine Coast you can see our quality and workmanship. We’re tradesmen, not salesmen: You can rely on our expert advice and experience. Wardrobe Choice is the only shelving company with a G-24 ... Hassle Free Guarantee! We guarantee to return your call promptly. If you report a fault in our installation, we must respond to your call and email within 24 hours. Plus we must fix the fault within 2 working days. Or we’ll refund all your money on that robe… and fix the fault anyway usually in under 48 hours.

Real Life Experiences

Cavalier Homes “Dear Scott, I just wanted to let you know how we at Cavalier Homes Central Queensland feel about Wardrobe Choice. When you first tried to sell the idea to us we could not justify your prices. As you know we had been talking with you for 3 months before we saw your product for the first time, and WOW! I think you are making a big mistake trying to sell your systems over the phone. One look at your end product and we were convinced we could sell more homes when our potential customers see Wardrobe Choice as an option. Things are quiet , and we need every sale we can get. I also need to tell you my sales staff really appreciate the fact that you go out of your way to convince our customers that they made the right decision building with us(I’ll bet you say that to all your builders customers, I would if I were you). Now that I know your product, I recommend that you stop trying to compete with other wardrobe companies discount prices. Scott Dunbar your shelving is far superior to anything Cavalier Homes Central Queensland has had in the past. Thank you from all your friends at Cavalier Homes Central Queensland."

Shane Trask, Construction Supervisor, PJ Burns Builders, Sunshine Coast "Hi Mate! You know me, I need efficiency and good communication on the job. If you say you’re gonna be there on the job, I expect you to show up, and if not, at least to call me. There’s nothing I hate more than problems that arise and stuff not getting done- and nobody calls! I’ve got to say in comparison to other subcontract companies I have had to organise for jobs, your service is great. You're organised, You communicate well, and you let us know what is going on. Yep you guys are up there! Thanks Wardrobe Choice"

Dave Philips, Construction Supervisor, GJ Gardner Homes, Sunshine Coast, QLD "Hi Scott, I just want to say how practical it is dealing with Wardrobe Choice as a Subbie. You guys communicate great, you’re always flexible with changes that arise on the job. Your shelving and installations are fantastic. If there has ever been a problem, you guys fix it STRAGHT AWAY! Realistically it’s been you who called me, and I can’t even really remember a time when I’ve ever had to call you back to a job. No really... you guys are top notch!"

Garry Pawson, JGW Constructions, Sunshine Coast, QLD "Hi Scott, I just wanted to let you know what effect Wardrobe Choice is having on our building company. Your professionalism and courtesy with our clients is outstanding and you really make them feel informed and special, like they will have the wardrobes done their way! Thanks guys so much!"

Jason Ratcliffe, Construction Supervisor, Granite Constructions, Sunshine Coast, QLD “Hi Scott, Hey mate thanks for the great service you guys provide at Wardrobe Choice. Look, I’ve got to be honest and rate you guys a NINE or a TEN. Nothings ever a problem! The installs are always neat and tidy and the designs are great. That Schedule program that you have going works a dream, it’s great to know that you’re going to be there on time and if for some reason you can’t, you actually let us know in advance . I’ve also got to add that the recent repair and wardrobe redesign I just had done by Wardrobe Choice in our own house, is just fantastic, and it looks amazing, I didn’t realise you could do that much in that shape opening. Thanks again"

Josh Harries, Building & Construction Estimator, PJ Burns Builders South East Qld "Hi Scott, I’m very pleased to write this letter of recommendation to anyone considering using Wardrobe Choice for wardrobe shelving installations. The quality of work I received recently in my new home on the Sunshine Coast was second to none and I was thrilled with the end product. The Walk In Robe in particular in my master bedroom was a custom designed shelving installation that looks magnificent!!!! In Fact Every Female That Has Done The Tour Of My House, Finds That The Walk In Robe Is Their Favourite Feature. I will definitely use Wardrobe Choice again in the future! Kind Regards

Margaret Kimber, Private Client "I went up to the house earlier this week and was able to see first hand what the wardrobe looked like. Although it was only a fleeting glance, I can say that I left making a parting comment to our building supervisor that I thought it was "Heaven on a Stick". Please thank everyone involved for me. I can finally say after 8 houses and 35 years of married life I now have a wardrobe that will fit my clothes and accessories. Thanks again, Margaret"

Simone Bambury, Pelican Waters, QLD, Private Client “Just wanted to thank the Wardrobe Choice Team for what a great job they did with my entertainment unit and desk. My Bass and Guitar Amps fit nice and snug and now I have an awesome place to study for Uni. Loads of people have commented on how good it all looks. I’m really pleased with the end result and it has made my room soooo... cosy! Unfortunately for Mum and Dad, I won’t ever be moving out! Thanks again!"

Bill & Linda Lenehan, Kawana Island, QLD, Private Client "Hi Scott, The Job was completed yesterday and as we have come to expect as repeat customers, the job was very professional. Thanks"

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