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Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic

  • 542 Riversdale Road, 3124, VIC
  • 0403 830 872

Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic is operated by Dr. Steven Orloff, focusing on helping clients have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle through out East and South East Melbourne. Call us today!

Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic East and South East Melbourne's trusted acupuncturist, able to help you with pain relief, digestive disorders, mental health, women's health and more!

Take that first step towards a healthy lifestyle TODAY.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right food and staying away from vices. Even if you strive to lead a healthy life, the pollution and negativity around you can still affect your health. Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic offers natural alternatives for pain relief, digestive health, mental health, women’s health and overall wellness. It is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most precious commodity.

Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic is run by Dr. Steven Orloff, a Melbourne based AHPRA registered Acupuncturist with more than 8 years of professional experience in the alternative medicine industry. Dr. Orloff is a practitioner of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been providing Acupuncture and alternative medicine services in the areas of East Melbourne and South East Melbourne.

Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic focuses on the following health services:

Pain Relief

Reduce pain the natural way with Dr. Orloff's Chinese Acupuncture. He can ease your pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, muscular injuries, sprained ankle, torn muscles, fibromyalgia syndrome, arthritis, neck pain, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, headaches and migraines. Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic provides natural pain relief to get you back on your feet so you can continue on with a healthy lifestyle!

Digestive Health

Dr Orloff believes that digestion affects everything about our body, which is why it is crucial for everyone to have a strong digestive system. Here are some of the digestive disorders that Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic treats: bloating, nausea, acid reflux, weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome and lingering infections.

Mental Health

Acupuncture is not limited to pain and other physical disorders. Dr Orloff also uses Chinese Acupuncture to treat mental health disorders. Improving your mental health can help you cope better with stress which will improve your mood and your outlook on life. These are the mental health treatments he provides at Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic: stress relief, anxiety management and depression support.

Women's Health

Traditional Healing Acupuncture Clinic provides a holistic healthcare system for women. Some of the female issues dealt with at his clinic are period pain, menopause, hot flushing, night sweats, morning sickness, labour induction, endometriosis pain, infertility, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.


His clinics are located at 542 Riversdale Rd Camberwell 3124 Melbourne and 21 White St Parkdale 3195 Melbourne. Call him today and discover how he can help you achieve a healthier life!


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  • 542 Riversdale Road, 3124, VIC
  • 0403 830 872