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Trade Coat

  • 4017, QLD
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Trade Coat is your trusted provider of quality roof repairs, roof cleaning, roof tiling, roof restoration at affordable rates throughout the Outer Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Contact us today!

Trade Coat – Delivering quality roof repairs, roof cleaning, roof tiling and roof restoration at affordable rates throughout the Outer Northern suburbs of Brisbane. We also offer Iron and Colorbond roof repairs.

Is your roof in good condition?
Do you have perennial issues with leaks, water stains, surface erosion and poor installation?
Would you like to have some roof repairs done?
Make sure your roof is in good condition with Trade Coat. We have been doing business in the Outer Northern suburbs of Brisbane for 20 years. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a seven-year guarantee in all roof repairs we make, as well as a ten-year guarantee on roof membrane services. This way, our customers get the best value for their money. It gives us the incentive to do genuine repairs that will address the root of the problem rather than simply provide short-term band aid solutions. We also use Shieldcoat products for quality and reliability.
Trade Coat does roof repairs, roof cleaning, roof tiling, roof restoration, iron roof repairs and colorbond roof repairs. Each kind of roof requires a particular method for cleaning, repair, installation and maintenance. Whether your roof is made of tiles, asbestos or iron, we will proceed accordingly and comply with prescribed guidelines. We also re-bed and re-point concrete and terracotta roof tiles, locate leaks on concrete, clean solar panels and install whirly birds throughout the Outer Northern suburbs of Brisbane.
Storms can cause considerable damage to your roof. Moreover, single roof tile or metal sheet that gets blown away during a storm surge can create a weak point and destroy your entire roof completely. This can also make the rest of your property susceptible to damage.
Roof repairs are costly, but you can also turn to Trade Coat for preventative roof repair. This protects your roof and strengthens it against storm surges. This helps you save up on replacement value of appliances, furniture and other personal belongings that could get affected by a broken roof. This also keeps you from spending even more money on roof repairs in the future. With your property in top shape, you can rest easy and enjoy the comfort of your home.
For inquiries, contact the roof repair specialists of Trade Coat us today.

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  • 4017, QLD
  • (07) 3886 2916