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Tint-Pro-Tech - expert in providing the privacy you need. We offer decorative & automotive tinting services for window, glass, car, house and office in Southern, Eastern and Western Brisbane.

Tint-Pro-Tech can provide you the privacy you need while inside your home, office or car. We are the experts in security, mobile, automotive and decorative tinting services throughout Southern, Eastern and Western Brisbane. We can also help you with UV protection and heat and glare reduction.


Can't enjoy the view outdoors from your window because you are concerned with people looking in?

Annoyed because of the sun's glare being reflected from your pool or the snow?

Are you worried about your home's security because your walls are made of glass?


Tint-Pro-Tech has been providing homes and offices with privacy and security through house tinting and office tinting services. We have been in the business for 16 years and we have helped thousands of homes, offices, cars and machineries with our window tinting solutions.

We only use premium quality films made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, such as Johnson, 3M, SunTek and SolarGuard. Our range of film satisfies any customer needs, from low budget to premium films, which will not interfere with radio or built in satellite navigation.

What are the benefits of house or office tinting?

  • Comfort throughout the year - Whether it's winter or summer, our glass tinting can help protect you against extreme weather outside. Tinted glass blocks off most of the sun's heat during summer and retains interior heat during winter.

  • Save on energy costs - Tinted glass helps regulate your home or office' indoor temperature, therefore lowering your air conditioning and heating costs.

  • Reduce glare - Window film also blocks off that annoying glare and reflections from your car, pool or snow.

  • Increase privacy and security - You no longer have to worry about outside people watching your every move. You can now enjoy the view outside without thinking of burglars studying your home's layout.

Enjoy all the benefits of house tinting and office tinting with Tint-Pro-Tech's window tinting services. A mobile service is also available to ensure our customers' convenience in all suburbs of Brisbane South, Brisbane Outer South, Brisbane East and Western Brisbane.


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  • 4132, QLD
  • 0404 469 886