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The Bee Wrangler

  • PO Box 2079, 3065, VIC
  • 0403 750 616

The Bee Wrangler is a bee-keeper and independent Pest-management Technician in Melbourne CBD and East Melbourne specialising in the control and removal of invasive bee and wasp infestation.

The Bee Wrangler - is your trusted Bee-keeper and Pest Management Authority. We can assist you in Bees and wasp control, Bee hive Removal and Pest Management and both Residential and Commercial Pest Control. We cover the suburbs in Melbourne CBD, East and South East Melbourne.

Are bees setting up their hives inside your home?
Are you worried of being stung by bees?
Are you looking for someone who specialises in the removal of wasps and bees?
The Bee Wrangler is a beekeeper and independent pest management specialist, providing solutions to control, manage and remove invasive wasp and bee infestations in both domestic and commercial structures and properties. Our bee removal services include capture and physical removal of bee swarm, total extermination, and setting up preventative steps to prevent re-infestation. We service the areas of Melbourne City, East Melbourne and South East Melbourne.
We understand how having a bee infestation could have a huge impact on your everyday life and business operations. It will be difficult to move around for the fear of being stung by bees. A swarm of bees can bring lots of danger when they decide to build a hive in your home or property. Whether it's a residential or commercial property, The Bee Wrangler has the tools and expertise to remove or exterminate these bees.
The Bee Wrangler provides quick and efficient bee removal services to help you get back to your daily lives as soon as possible. You can rest assured that your bee problem will be handled within the day, usually in just a couple of hours.
Aside from bee hive removal, The Bee Wrangler also offers commercial pest-management services. We specialise in pest control for the hospitality industry. We can offer targeted solutions to keep your restaurant, café, hotel, warehouse or factory free of rodents and other insect infestation.
We help you protect your home from the dangers brought by bee infestation. We use clean, environment-friendly and humane pest control solutions to deal with your bee and wasp problems.
For quick, effective and cost efficient beehive removal and wasp control services,
Contact The Bee Wrangler and request for a free quote.

Contact details

  • PO Box 2079, 3065, VIC
  • 0403 750 616