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Solid Exteriors - professional renderer in Brisbane and Gold Coast, specialising in domestic rendering and solid plastering. We've been operating for 4 years from Kingscliff to Caloundra.

Rendering Brisbane - Solid Plastering Gold Coast

Optimum quality rendering services in Brisbane and Gold Coast?
Solid Exteriors can do these services for you!
Why Solid Exteriors?
Solid Exteriors has now been in operation for 4 years and in this time we have grown our business from the ground up. We now have two crews of five renderers, operating from Kingscliff to Caloundra.
Solid Exteriors mainly focus on high-quality renovation service as well as completing commercial projects for builders such as; Sanctuary Design and Construction, Lindona Developments, Buildcorp and Austruct.
Our mission is to be able to provide high-quality rendering service and for any budget.
Price List
Hebel Panel Polystyrene Board  Blueboard Tinted Masonry Render
$35 per m2

Tinted Polymer (no paint required)
$40 per m2

Tinted Polymer (no paint required)
$40 per m2

Tinted Polymer (no paint required)

2 Star - $15 per m2

Trowel and sponge system

3 Star - $25 per m2

Bead all external corners, 1 coat, light screed, float and sponge 

4 Star - $30 per m2

Bead all external corners, 2 coat, screed and fill any hollows, float and sponge 

5 Star - $42 per m2 

(Tinted Polymer finish requires no painting)

Bead all external corners, 1 coat, screed and fill any hollows, float finish
Apply tinted primer 
Apply 1 coat of tinted polymer 

All tinted products can be tinted to any colour eg. Dulux, Taubmans and Wattle.
Standard Render
Our standard render is a 2 coat sponge finish render that comes with a 7 year manufactures warranty. The process of application for the first coat is to trowel a thin 1-2mm layer over brick and float to ensure flat finish. Then the second coat is applied at approximately 5mm, once the render starts to harden a Steel C channel (screed) is run over the render to start the process of squaring up. This then allows us to visually see the areas of the render that are hollow. After this we apply more render to these hollowed sections, using the screed we can then cut back the newly applied render to leave a flush finish and square walls. We then use hard floats to complete the process of flattening the wall. The final stage in this process is to work a sponge over the surface to seel and texture the wall.
You should consider that standard masonry render requires painting. You will have to take this additional cost into a final pricing for your finished product.
Extra Care Over Painted Surfaces, Primer – RSA’s Set and Prep
Extra care must be taken when applying renders to painted surfaces particularly in cases where the paint is visibly flaking off. After a high pressure wash of all painted surfaces Set and Prep will be applied as a bonding agent and flexibility this will insure a 100% bond to the painted surface.
Tinted Polymer
This quote includes tinted products to eliminate any need for Painting of finished exterior walls. This includes all existing walls only. Polymer renders are a flexible membrane and are currently the highest quality finish available. Due to their flexibility and durability, this finish ensures the longevity of the rendered surface. By allowing for movement within the substrate, commonly seen hairline cracks are completely preventable.
To ensure that you are comparing apples to apples please note that all products we use have a manufacturer’s warranty. For this reason, Solid Exteriors will not use sand and cement as it is a hand mixed product that cannot be warranted.
All surfaces will be inspected by myself and John Rusco the Render Systems Australia representative before the commencement and after the completion of the job. Rest assured that when we are done, a 7 Year certificate of Warranty will be handed over from RSA to the owner.
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  • N/A, 4211, QLD
  • 0402 320 816 | 0410 190 907