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Paul Harris Plumbing

  • 23 Hassall Road , 4017, QLD
  • 0432 302 477

Blocked drains and leaking taps? Contact Paul Harris Plumbing now! Blocked drains cleared from $99. Provides the latest water jet technology. Quick & clean all pipes, sewer & stormwater.

Paul Harris Plumbing - your one-stop expert plumber providing quick solutions for blocked drains, toilet, storm water and sinks! We provide an emergency plumbing service, offering immediate response to burst and leaking pipes.

Do you have a blocked drain? Are your pipes leaking? Do you need to install new bathroom fixtures?

Paul Harris plumbing is your go-to plumber whenever you need plumbing services in Brisbane North and Outer Northern Brisbane. We provide high quality plumbing services using the latest technology and methods.

Our services include clearing blocked drains, storm water pipes and sewers using waterjet technology; CCTV inspections of the pipes; repair and replacement of toilets and cisterns; water service repairs; installation of water filters; water tank installation; pipe locating and relining; cleaning, repairing or replacing broken pipes; and kitchen, taps and laundry maintenance.

Paul Harris Plumbing has been in the business for more than 25 years, providing top of the line plumbing services in Brisbane. We specialise in household plumbing, making sure that your pipes and taps at home are working perfectly.

Paul Harris Plumbing is owned and operated by Paul himself, attending to all jobs personally. Paul is a licensed plumber and drainer, and has been providing reliable and professional plumbing services to homes all over North Brisbane.

You can rely on Paul Harris Plumbing to provide you with prompt and effective plumbing services, especially for emergency plumbing situations like burst pipe or leaking pipes. Just contact us and we will be there to give you the assistance you need.

When you work with us, you'll receive:

1. Guaranteed quality service - We're the leading and most trusted plumber in North Brisbane because we get things done.

2. Value for your money - We offer plumbing services at competitive prices

3. High tech plumbing - We use the latest methods and technology in plumbing, like waterjet and CCTV inspections

4. Prompt service - We understand the urgency of your plumbing problems so when we take on a job, we arrive on time and get the job done on time.

5. Available 24/7 - Call us anytime and we guarantee to be there.


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Contact details

  • 23 Hassall Road , 4017, QLD
  • 0432 302 477