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M8 Lighting Design

  • PO BOX 126, 3055, VIC
  • 0414085198

Engineered Lighting Design

M8 Lighting Design was established in Melbourne in 2011. We aim to provide a dedicated interior and exterior lighting design consultancy for a range of clients such as housing developers, local authorities, civil engineering consultants and lighting manufacturers.

With 8 years experience in both the UK and Australian lighting consulting industries, we understand that prospective clients in this modern financial climate not only require the complete lighting & electrical solution that provides the required illumination for the task at hand, defines the built form and provides strong visual impact to human perception but also strives to meet the allocated budget.

We manage this by fostering strong working relationships with clients, understanding their commercial and sustainable interests in order to provide an engineering solution that meets the individual and specialised needs of each project. Each lighting design is carried out with ‘Best Practice’ being an intrinsic component throughout the entire design process. With a holistic approach being taken to provide a client a product that they can be proud of and ultimately be commercially feasible from the inception of each project.