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Long Beach Plumbing

  • PO. Box 2752 , 3192, VIC
  • 0412 260 474

We clear blocked drains, storm water pipes, sewers, toilets, sinks, basins, troughs, and gully traps with either, compressed air, the Ridgid sewer machine or our high pressure hydro jet, whichever piece of equipment is the most appropriate for the job.
Longbeach Plumbing employs CCTV colour drain cameras for surveying drains. Our cameras emit a signal which permits us to identify their position and depth if required for excavation or to determine the layout of a drain. When necessary we are able to superimpose text upon the footage we obtain for a more informed survey. The survey can then be recorded to DVD on site for future reference.
We are licensed vaporooter operators, treating the sewer drainage system with a root control agent. This comes with a 12 month guarantee, please refer to the Vaporooter page for terms and condition.
Longbeach Plumbing also provides for General Plumbing maintenance and repairs.
Payment options by Cheque, Cash, eBanking, Visa or Mastercard.