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Champ Transport

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Champ Transport provides excellent transport, towing and relocation services for machineries such as forklift, bobcat, excavators, van, boat and more. Serving Ipswich, Western and Southern Brisbane.

Champ Transport - Ipswich' excellent transport, towing and relocation specialists, providing transport services for machineries such as forklift, bobcat,  excavators, backhoes, shipping containers,  boom lifts, and other kinds of machinery. We are also skilled in providing transport, towing and relocation for cars, caravans, boats, positrac, cherry pickers, tele handlers, timber, steel, ute, van, 4x4, a small truck, trailers, site shed, pumps, compressors and more! We gladly serve Ipswich, and the Western, Southern and Outer Southern Brisbane.

Are you planning to relocate and need car transport services? Are you looking for towing contractors for heavy machineries?

Champ Transport is your leading provider of towing services in Ipswich, Western Brisbane and Southern Brisbane. We specialise in transport, towing and relocation of machinery up to 8 tons. We can transport and relocate various types of vehicles, equipment and machinery efficiently at cost-effective prices.

Our list of services include forklift towing; transport of bobcat, excavators, backhoes, shipping containers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry picker, tele handler, and general vehicles; caravan towing and relocation; boat transport; timber relocation; positrac towing; van towing; small truck relocation; 4x4 towing; UTE transport; transport of 8ft, 10ft and 20 ft shipping containers; pumps relocation; compressors towing; site shed transport; and trailers towing and relocation.

In what situations would you need car transport services? You will need car towing and relocation services when your car is broken or damaged and needs to be taken to the workshop. You would also need towing services to transport your car to different workshops or exhaust shop for restoration. Commercial equipment and heavy machinery like bobcat, excavators and forklifts also need to be transported by car transport companies for efficiency. For all your transport needs, Champ Transport is your reliable provider of towing services.

Champ Transport is associated with several other independent towing contractors including Centenary Towing to provide our customers with a wider range of services and better towing solutions. Our partnership with these reliable contractors has enabled us to widen and improve the towing services that we offer.

Champ Transport has built solid and long lasting relationships with our clients due to our quality work, personalised service, honesty, reliability, and affordable rates. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today. 


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  • -, 4301, QLD
  • 0417 771 749