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Adelaide City Kitchens

  • 2/36 West Thebarton Rd, 5031, SA
  • (08) 8443 4462 | 0404 798 958

We're itchin' to be fixin' your kitchen

Have you wanted to do something fresh with your kitchen but just not felt like there had been the means? Have you felt all but powerless in your own home and in the way you interact with your kitchen? If you partner with a designer like Adelaide City Kitchens they can make all your kitchen remodel dreams come reality! Adelaide City Kitchens are really able to break the mold and help you create a kitchen which is both unique and distinct.. New Kitchens: One of the great things about the team at Adelaide City Kitchens is they love making new kitchens. This is reflected in their overall approach to the job and in the way they put their customers at ease. It's not easy to open up your home to a stranger; imagine opening up the walls of your kitchen to tear them down and build them back anew? The level of comfort and professionalism that Adelaide City Kitchens walk around their jobs with is reflected in past experiences with customers. Kitchen Renovations: If you maybe aren't ready for a full-on brand new kitchen or you just feel as though a renovation would be good enough right now, then the team at Adelaide City Kitchens & Restorations can help you with that as well. This staff pulls out all the stops and really wants to get you in the kitchen of your dreams and of your own means. Bench tops: We all could have the need for bench top work; even if it's not bench tops in your kitchen. These bench tops may be in your vanity or laundry as well and the team at Adelaide City Kitchen specializes in these types of jobs as well. Let the team peel back your bench tops and replace laminex, marble gloss, full wrap, square foam or whatever other type of bench top surface you have. For those wondering about the service area of Adelaide City Kitchens, you're in luck! Their main facility is located in Thebarton; Adelaide City Kitchens & Restorations serves much of the area of South Australia including all of Adelaide. Get yourself down to them and see what Adelaide City Kitchen can do for your home improvement needs!