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Why is local.com.au free? - other directories charge money for all listings.
We know that being in business is tough... so we created free advertising - no strings attached!!
We also firmly believe that for a directory to be useful it must contain a good cross-section of businesses - the only way to achieve this is to provide free advertising to all businesses - including those all too important links back to your website.

For this reason our business directory operates under the same principle that all business receive a free listing in the Yellow Pages, all websites are registed free on search engines, and as with the other directories and search engines, if you want a priority position there is an opportunity for you to purchase Premium Advertising.

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In 2009, over 2 million page views & over 1 million referrals to local business websites

Overall, local.com.au offers a more memorable experience

lots of detailed information about listed business, links to websites and even video display...

local.com.au is easier to navigate with clear regional & category choices

local.com.au is revolutionising the way consumers find local business