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"Having worked in small business for over 20 years I was acutely aware of the call on our advertising dollars. I was also convinced there was a better way and set about creating free advertising for all local business.

However, for those business wishing to gain a greater level of exposure we have created the best possible online marketing solution - with a premium listing your business will be displayed ahead of all free listings, and we will give you the ability to create a unique advertisement for your business using your logo, images and text."
Ron Brewster, director & founder - local.com.au Pty Ltd

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Unlike many online business directories, local.com.au allows all listings to link to websites free,
and also allows adequate space to advertise your business on a detailed business profile page.
All you need is an e-mail address to register free of charge, including a link to your website if you have one.
That's right, you don't even need a website to be able to advertise your business on the net

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For a small advertising fee you can get a Premium Display Listing that is displayed above the free listing
and also allows you to:
        add pictures to your advertisment,
   format your advertisement like a mini webpage
        add a display video (if you have one)
   change your advert at any time using your login access

To signup for a Premium Display Listing, log-in to modify your existing listing or go to
our comparison chart and rate card for more information.
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